The Lone Penman (rayne_vandunem) wrote in aliens_only,
The Lone Penman

Please don't tell me this has to be titled "Noob on the Loose"


-Your name (Nickname, what you prefer to be called, or anything incoherent): Rayne Van-Dunem

-Your Earth Age: 17

-Tell us something strange about you: The only thing I really like watching on TV is World News

-Favorite bands (It isn't incoherent to the method of choosing whether or not you're an alien or not): Damien Rice, Outkast, Sade, The Pillows from FLCL, Kenna, System of A Down

-Do you like any strange shows and why? (AKA - Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, etc.): The Outer Limits; my favorite episode dealt with this chip which allowed you to take a trip into someone's mind. I was deeply fascinated by it.

-What is your favorite show? "Inuyasha" (In English, its the perfect susbstitute for the soap opera; I should see the subtitled version)

-What is your favorite book? The Wild, by Whitley Streiber; I cried at the end, LOL!

-If there is reincarnation, what do you want to be in your next life? If Western civilization is collapsed when Im reincarnated, Id want to be one of those lone wolves you've probably seen in such things as ".HACK//SIGN" and Final Fantasy.

-What is your opinion on ostracism (Exclusion of certain groups, persons, or ideas): I think presumptuous ostracism is unfair, and that you should give them the benefit of doubt.

-You have to promote us at two different locations, show us the links: My DA Page (although I can only give the link, I cant put up the banner since Im not a subscriber at DA, and dont have the money to be such either) and my LiveJournalPage

What do you all think?
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