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Stardate 2012.4
From: Admiral mimichen
To: aliens
Re: "the application"


(1) I am admiral mimichen of the starship modular stasis in the livejournal sector of space

(2) Although I follow the more accurate stardate method of keeping track of time, my earth age is 19 *expects shock* ... yes, yes, I know.. a bit young for an admiral ... but I'm really a time traveller from many years in the future, come back to the present to comandeer this ship with over 50 years of experience and the element of surprise that my age offers my opponents

(3) strange?  there's nothing strange about me *shifts eyes* who told you I was strange???  shhh!! that was my past, I'm really not a drone anymore, I swear!

(4) favourite bands ... hmm.. that's a hard question considering I change my musical taste regularly. I suppose the Offspring, Runrig, and Santa Claus would fit in there?

(5) I love Star Trek because of its elaborate world and parallel reality, whilst still being sci fi and futuristic -- it's like being immersed in a good book -- you just can't put it down for a moment, and you learn a lot (especially about the people around you) .. drawing the parallels in star trek but using alien species and different situations creates an element of objectiveness that is hard to obtain from the news today.  note: I will not call the new Star Trek Enterprise "Star Trek," as it is WAY too hollywood-ized, and detracts from all that Star Trek is, was, and was meant to be.  I'm very disappointed :(
As for things like Stargate SG-1 -- it's just fun ^^:
Oh, and the Outer Limits, and Sci Factor are awesome, too - just cos they offer freaky and totally cool entertainment
Cold Case is awesome cos of the forensic science, and Nikita and Alias are cool cos, honestly, who *doesn't* love female spies??

(6) In case you haven't guessed, my favourite show of all time would be Star Trek !! :D:D

(7) Many favourite books: among them, the Bible, Immaculate Conception (not a religious book, I wish I could the remember who the author was), The Ethics of Star Trek (by Judith Barad, Ph. D., with Ed Robertson), Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda, and also anything by Michael Moore or Noam Chomsky

(8) Next life: me, of course! =P

(9) Ostracism is stupid: it's moving backwards -- the Borg have it right: just assimilate everything and mish it together to achieve perfection -- no *one* opinion or idea is right

(10) I shall promote you on my lj and on another community I belong to: girlgeeks

transmission ends

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