Give me a minute... I'll remember... Seriously... (roguefishfood) wrote in aliens_only,
Give me a minute... I'll remember... Seriously...

They said I should say that I come in peace... I just don't feel too peaceful.

-Your name (Nickname, what you prefer to be called, or anything incoherent): Bait

-Your Earth Age: Sixteen

-Tell us something strange about you: (This is just one of a loooong list of strange things...) I type out every single letter of every word on both the internet and cell-phone text messsaging. None of that "im2dum4u" crap.

-Favorite bands (It isn't incoherent to the method of choosing whether or not you're an alien or not): Postal Service, Suzanne Vega, Laurie Anderson, They Might Be Giants, Blue Oyster Cult... (the list goes on)

-Do you like any strange shows and why? (AKA - Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, etc.): Invader Zim, Monty Python's Flying Circus... I actually don't watch much all that much TV.

-What is your favorite show? West Wing

-What is your favorite book? all the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books. I have the big omibus edition. It is my bible.

-If there is reincarnation, what do you want to be in your next life? A well-cared-for housecat. (preferably with a nice big house to play in)

-What is your opinion on ostracism (Exclusion of certain groups, persons, or ideas): That it's a foolish and closed-minded practice that can really eliminate some possibly awesome people from one's life.

-You have to promote us at two different locations, show us the links: (It's under the hug thing, which is under the grammar thing.)

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